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The Space Goats are/were an assortment of raggle taggle minstrels playing a unique blend of punky/folk songs.  Their lyrics are sheer poetry with themes as diverse as Ley Lines, Pixies, Hoverflies, Bulldozers and LOVE.  Dave Goodman first met them at the 1993 Glastonbury Festival and since then has produced nearly five albums for them. 
ography:  L.P.s - Innamorata (tape) - 13 Moons In Motion (tape & CD) - The Almost Lost Legendary Mandala Masters (CD) - Tribadelica (CD & ltd tape) - Rock & Roll Prophecy, An End To War (CD).- Opener (CD)

There are still unreleased goodies in the bag. e.g.  Live @ The Rainbow Church - Rhymer - The Pixie People EP sessions and various out-takes and unfinished doodlings.

Dave Goodman hopes to get POK etc over to Malta to record a new album soon.